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Robot call, they suspended my Social Security. Press one to speak to someone or risk arrest by IP address 97.70.97.#May 28th
Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 179.52.179.#May 22nd
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 68.3.68.#February 11th

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Told me they could lower my interest on my credit card then asked the amount of dept I had. I asked them what company He was with and he hung up on me. by IP address 24.158.24.#January 10th
scammer by IP address 72.187.72.#October 26th
This person uses Craigslist to contact you to buy sars ect of Craigslist hacks your pass word or fools you into wiring money for a vehicle his name is ryne foley he's a con kid in SC posting fake emails wiring money to you that never shows more importantly stealing your accounts allies jackdown33 and ryanfoxyz at live BEWARE!Ebay scammer by IP address 72.187.72.#October 26th
I am on do not call list and everyday I receive 3-4 calls from this number.. I want it stopped. by IP address 76.26.76.#April 20th

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