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Robot call, they suspended my Social Security. Press one to speak to someone or risk arrest by IP address 97.70.97.#May 28th
Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 179.52.179.#May 22nd

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Someone is trying to hand out about 8 million dollars through a Digest Sweepstakes which requires me to spend $80.00 to register for a positive ID in <br>in order to receive the prize. There have been others trying to scam about 300 to 500 dollars<br>and the person calling is usually a man with an accent. Bell telephone says that the calls are mostly from Kingston Jamaica. This call today was from a lady with no accent. She said she was calling from N. Vancouver BC. But the numbers<br> 876-310-xxxx are from Jamaica. So even if the cost is only $80.00 CDN , these scam people seem<br>desperate to get any amount of money. by IP address 104.194.104.#September 18th
phoneing all hours of the day an night as many as 8 times by IP address 70.77.70.#February 17th
Received what seemed to be scam calls from number, person had my cell number, he claimed to be a multi-millionaire belonging to one of the most prominent families in Canada.<br><br>Although he portrayed himself as an upper class person, he was loud, vulgar and the sound of his voice was incoherent.<br><br>This man called himself Thomas, his voice told me he was high in drugs. I truly belive this man was asked to call me to make to play a prank on me by a person who knew me, I I believe the person who asked him to call me provided him with details of my business profession and my cell number.<br><br>If you know the person who owns this number please be careful, he is a person of poor morals, he made a fool of a very decent person who never caused him any harm.<br><br>I received his call around February or March 2011.<br><br>A word for this man: I hope you harvest what you plant by IP address 99.232.99.#February 4th
This number is a cell phone , not a landline. I know this as this is my cell number through Virgin Mobile. by IP address 76.64.76.#January 5th

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