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Calling trying to get people to make payments on loans they never had and pay with a green dot card. threatening to have people arrested by IP address 98.204.98.#March 22nd

Prank call fom this number. Caller used the Youtube recording of "Kerpal your daughter kicked my dog". We know that know after doing some Web Reasearch of our own but thought it was real and real threats for the 3 times that it happened in 48 hrs. Each from a different number but may be a group of callers together. This phone came back to Barbara C Weiss P.O Box 1257 NY,NY 10018. She has a hisband named Ralph P. and a son named Robert G. Address is in the Theatre District in lower Manhattan they live in Brooklyn. Local Law Enforcement has been notified of the calls and threats. by IP address 74.5.74.#January 11th

This guy is a con artist!! Do not trust him! by IP address 96.18.96.#December 22nd

How did this person get my cel number? I don't know this person or number. by IP address 68.61.68.#December 12th

call...never leave message. want them to remove my number by IP address 207.183.207.#October 6th

Want them to stop calling & harassing me by IP address 207.183.207.#October 6th

HEY by IP address 67.244.67.#August 31st

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