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Note:  Most calls from (678)-914 originate in Norcross, which is located in Gwinnett county, in GA. If you still don't have enough data about the unknown caller, you can review the comments below, or use the search bar above to perform a premium lookup.
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This guy is sending pictures of his penis then says it was meant for his girlfriend when you call him on it.....Please watch this guy, could be a perv! by IP address 72.152.72.#March 28th

This person calls as some inspector which we know is a scam. these are debt collecter poseing as inspectors. I wil report this inspector jefferson to the consumer watch dog fo harrassemnt. They are not to harrass people like that by IP address 161.185.161.#February 6th

Keeps calling over and over and never says anthing. by IP address 75.131.75.#January 15th

This unknown person have been playing on my phone sending pornos and other obscene pictures. I have filed a police report and they called his phone and this person still calls day and night. I ran a trace plus t-mobile told me this person name is COREY BROWN who lives in the east point college park area of atlanta. by IP address 76.122.76.#July 9th

Called before 9AM and hung up! What an ass hole by IP address 205.188.205.#May 8th

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