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Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 179.52.179.#May 22nd
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 68.3.68.#February 11th
spam by IP address 96.92.96.#January 17th

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Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 189.197.189.#September 29th
Please open my SIM card by IP address 112.110.112.#June 6th
Trying to scam us, saying we won a package by IP address 24.143.24.#February 1st
CALL AND CURSED ME OUT AND THREATED ME :/ by IP address 50.15.50.#January 17th
this man keeps calling tells my husband he won $150.000.00 but he needs tosend $250.00 so we can get the money. by IP address 173.71.173.#January 13th
one more number to add to the thousands off other fuking numbers you havent seem to have blocked from calling the states why are we having to waste our time when are tax dollars and the proper agencies have been aware of this for way to long once again get the fuck off your lazy asses and shut these fuks down once and for all or we are they are gunna just be completely removed of the us map litterally................ by IP address 208.82.208.#December 31st
if this shit doesnt cease by our taxpaying dollars to our federal government then i will take matters into my own hands literally and put a fuking bullet the perpatrator my self ....FBI GET OFF UR ASSes THATS WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON WAY TO LONG THERE ROBBING THE ELDERLY < DO YOU CARE IS WHAT AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW CUZ IM NOT BULLSHITTING I WILL HAVE THEM ALL WIPED OUT INNOCENT OR NOT RELATED OR NOT IM HEAVILIY CONNECTED TO A UNDERGROUND GROUP NOT TO FAR FROM WHERE THE CALLS ARE COMING FROM>>>>>THEY ALL WILL DIE IF THE BOMB NEEDS to be this joke we pay for your protection with our hard earned money so get this over with NOW OR ELSE JAMAICA WILL GO UNDER THE SEA special forces like..... by IP address 208.82.208.#December 31st
calimed to be Publishers Clearing House. Want you to call with drivers license info to claim prize. by IP address 24.117.24.#October 18th
Person calls and says "I am calling for Bank of America. You have won a prize and representative is in your area to deliver your prize." Then he said something about my BofA<br>bank number. His English was very bad and had a very thick accent. This was the second call from this person, the other was from a number in Jamaica a few minutes earlier by IP address 69.4.69.#July 5th
I received a call from a man who said if I send $299.00 via Western Union they will send me $63,000.00 so for me to claim my price I would have to goto a Western Union today by IP address 70.40.70.#April 27th

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